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Upcoming & Past Events

  • Vegan Boom Kiev
    יום ב׳, 03 ביוני
    One hour introduction of Holistic Veganism to great people of Kiev, Ukraine!
  • Hebrew University & Holistic Veganism
    יום ג׳, 28 במאי
    The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
    This event is free, open to all people, and will be in English. It will be held in Hebrew University's Bloomfield Library, Room 401.
  • Khava ve-Adam Ecological Educational Farm
    יום ב׳, 27 במאי
    Khava ve-Adam Ecological Educational Far
    This is a closed talk to the Permaculture Design Certificate students and the staff at Hava & Adam.
  • Vegetarian Society of Southern Jersey
    יום א׳, 07 באפר׳
    Community House of Moorestown
    Space is limited. Please follow the link to know more:
  • Holistic Veganism
    יום א׳, 31 במרץ
    Ethical Cultural Society of Essex County
    Open to the public, no cost. I will provide a one hour introduction to the thinking behind Holistic Veganism.
  • Private Talk on Holistic Veganism
    יום א׳, 13 בינו׳
    Introduction to the core thinking of Holistic Veganism.
  • Lecture: Holistic Veganism
    יום א׳, 09 בספט׳
    EdanZ - Facilities
  •  Keynote: Holistic Veganism
    שבת, 08 בספט׳
    EdanZ - Facilities
  • Earth First Gathering
    יום ה׳, 16 באוג׳
    Broadwater Lane
    Environmentalism, Veganism and Effective Activism. Want to save the environment and all the animals within it? Then save the humans and yourself. To fight cancer you need to know how the whole body works (holistic health). To fight for environmental, animal, and social right
  • Let's Talk Veganism
    יום א׳, 12 באוג׳
    The Cowley Club
  • Living Gift Economy
    יום ב׳, 02 ביולי
    HaSalon Co-op
    HaSalon Co-op is a forward thinking, community based project in Be'er Sheva, Israel, bringing their neighbors for numerous good causes. Join us for a talk about what Gift Economy is and how to apply it to your daily thinking and actions.
  • Intro to Holistic Veganism (part 2)
    יום ב׳, 18 ביוני
    The second of two talks hosted at Nagila Restaurant in Jerusalem, come for the food, come for the change, be the change, enjoy the night!
  • Intro to Unschooling
    יום א׳, 17 ביוני
    Yehoshu'a Bin Nun St 23
    Hosted at the home of some dear friends, we will discuss the basics of the unschooling philosophy and talk in practical terms about how to apply the philosophy to your daily interactions with children. Open to the public. The talk will be in English with Hebrew translations when needed.
  • Intro to Holistic Veganism
    יום ה׳, 14 ביוני
    Imbala is a community organization focused on social causes. Join us while we discuss how holistic veganism is an effective tool for all social causes and other concerns. Open to the public. The talk will be in English with Hebrew translations when needed.

To book Jamey for a talk, click here.

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