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Hello, my name is Jamey. Three concepts guide my work and life. 'Ahimsa' is the pursuit of a life of non-violence. 'Sadhana' is one's personal path. 'Seva' is understood as selfless service. To reflect and pursue any one of these Sanskrit thoughts leads to the others. I regularly consider these three wisdoms in order to steer through life and find fulfillment.


To those that knew me as a child, I don’t think anything about me as an adult comes as a surprise. In my boyhood, I was an atheist in a religious country, an environmentalist in the works, and I was sober in circles of drug addicts. Elements of each of those statements reflect what I aim for now. Specifically, I wish to work with people to heal the environment and each other, to progress thinking and embrace science and the unknown, and to throw sober dance parties so people can come up to me afterward, as they invariably do, and tell me they had no idea that they could have that much fun without drinking or drugs. 

In 2002, I adopted veganism into my life. Combined with my earlier environmental pursuits, veganism helped me to further investigate what it means to be sustainable and kind. In 2008, I left to volunteer around the globe while traveling on a bicycle. This brought me to Sadhana Forest India, where I stayed and worked in several forms of leadership over the course of nine years, including helping to found their second reforestation community in Haiti. It was during my time at Sadhana Forest that I learned extensively about sadhana, seva, ahimsa; as well as unschooling, gift economy, compassionate leadership, and much more. In 2018, I left my position there to pursue other dreams, including the sharing of Holistic Veganism. 


Holistic veganism is my phrasing to describe stewardship towards others, and the planet, and care for one’s self. (See the 'About holistic veganism' page to know more.) Conceptually, I don't believe it is difficult to understand. Personally, it is a struggle and a work in progress. I come from a lot of privilege, I used to have a lot more competition inside of myself, I had a tendency to be crude, and I was/am as ignorant about myself as each of us is. To make sadhana, seva, and ahimsa the aims in my life are to review each of those portions of myself and to learn about who I am and what I can do to create a sustainable world. Holistic veganism is my way to manifest all of this. 

I am available for talks on anything written or said on this site or the Facebook page. Food, transportation, and housing are all that may be required to have me speak, sometimes less. I have lived entirely on donations since 2008 and do so to reflect my views on non-violence and cooperation. Donations are appreciated but not required to host a talk. (If you'd care to help with a donation, please find me on Patreon under the name Holistic Veganism.)


Talks are typically in a dialogue style, where any participant may share knowledge. 1-2 hours is an optimal amount of time but this is flexible. The length of time reflects the dialogue format and group participation. Presentations can be made upon request.

I’d like to say two last things. One, the term Holistic Veganism is not too important to me. People adopting and improving upon the ideas is the goal. My name being attached to it is also not important. Just be kind, inside and out, and we all win.


And finally, thank you to everyone that has helped me reach this point in my life. You’re all fantastic!



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