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The Beginning

Hello, I'm Jamey Ellis and I have dedicated my life to Holistic Veganism. This is my way of enacting total kindness, or ahimsa (the ancient Indian concept of respect and non-violence), and sharing it in hopes of inspiring others to do the same. Primarily I have done this by publicly speaking to 1000's and 1000's of people in India, Nepal, Haiti, the United States, Europe, and the Middle East since 2008. Whether to groups of several hundred, at universities, international gatherings, or one on one, I engage with people through effective discourse and actions that inspire the kind of kindness I'd like to see the world embrace. I believe random acts of kindness don't need to be random. We all do good deeds every day, yet most of us wish we had the energy to do more. I'm sharing my experiences to contribute to a constructive, compassionate shift that will benefit all of us.

Since 2009, and until April 2018, I have primarily lived in a volunteer community in southern India called Sadhana Forest. They focus on water conservation and reforestation. Six months prior to that I had left the United States to bicycle and volunteer around the world. I didn't know my wheels would stop turning so quickly but I found a good fit where I could learn a lot and do a lot. Over the years I managed the community, helped create another project in Haiti, and managed the cow sanctuary. While there and when in the presence of family my needs were provided for. A simple, happy, hard-working life. It was there too that I honed my skills as a public speaker.

Now I've chosen to take my talks on the road, to continue the journey of getting my hands dirty, while caring for the planet and others. I explored Israel as an option to do this and within six weeks I was offered a home, meaningful seva, a living stipend, and support to continue with my talks. Amazing! I was so flattered. People responded and told me that they believe in my actions. It was during this time that I was offered a home in Amsterdam as well so I will go there next. Israel was great to me and yet I think I will have more options in Europe.

Being offered a home is a huge help. This is one of the biggest costs in life and I'm very fortunate. Still, I need the help of you and others because the world demands money and I demand of myself to work hard without profit as a motivation for my actions. To each their own. This way of living allows me to feel integral with my practices of ahimsa, veganism, and non-competition. I wish to embody my values, to give what each of us can give, and to support each other and the world or, in other words, to practice gift economy and holistic veganism.

So it is a new beginning. One where I commit myself to continue with these tasks of learning, sharing, and acting in ways that promote a kinder society. Thank you for believing in me and please follow along with your own actions.

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